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How to achieve Process Automation . . .

Workflow automation has a history going back to 1990. For nearly 15 years however most projects failed.

This started to change after BPEL was invented.

The final breakthrough came with BPMN — a graphical notation for specifying work­flows which can then be implemented automatically on top of BPEL (or now also any other mechanism — the need to insist on BPEL is gone as long as you use products that are able to import BPMN compatible process specifications created with the help of a wide range of competing products).

But be warned: This is not to say that it has become easy to successfully implement process automation. If you are about to start a corresponding project, it might help first to read The Promise of Workflow Automation: Points of Failure, and how to Realize the Promise (2012).

Quite a good yardstick for what typical tools in 2012 can do for you is certainly BizAgi’s BPM Suite.