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Crashkurs für Testmanager

Der internationale Standard ISTQB will vollständige Sammlung all dessen sein, was Praktiker und Theoretiker bisher an Testmethodik erarbeitet und zusammen­getragen haben.

Leider wird in den zur ISTQB-Zertifizierung führenden Kursen viel zu wenig unterschieden zwischen praktikabler Methodik einerseits und wenig praktikabler andererseits.

Der wirklich in jedem Testprojekt praktikable Teil ist beschrieben in

Wer darüber hinaus weitere praktische Anleitung sucht, dem empfehle ich zu lesen:



Be agile – forget the Manifesto

One fact is: The world around us is moving faster and faster, and so we must learn to become agile (in software development, but also in project management and everywhere else).

Fact is also: The still ongoing, now already more than 10 years old discussion about how to be agile (especially when developing software) so far did not generate much progress.

The reason for this sad fact clearly is that the Agile Manifesto is leading us into a wrong, less professional direction.

Why this is so and why, therefore, we need to focus on the goal of Agile rather than on the misleading way suggested by the Manifesto, is convincingly explained in the document The New (2011) Definitions of Agile.

To read that paper (2 pages only) is a MUST for everyone interested in Agile.

By far the best introduction to Agile is the short article Best Practice Agile.